Make an IMPACT: Invest in a Cause Committed to Your Livelihood


Fundraising for IMPACT, IIAT’s state political action committee (PAC), is underway! Why is IMPACT important to you, your business and your clients?

IMPACT funds work to support business-minded candidates and elected officials whose decision-making directly affects the overall independent insurance agency system in Texas.

With an over 93% successful bill passage rate over the last decade, it is clear that IMPACT’s success has afforded IIAT with the opportunity to create lasting relationships with those in and around the Capitol.

Often, during a legislative session, eliminating negative legislation is just as important, or more so, than getting a priority bill passed. In either scenario, IIAT is able to collaborate with state legislators to generate the best possible outcome for you and your business.

Whether it is improving the licensing process, allowing access to needed data, providing greater options for agents to present to their clients, or creating enhancements at TWIA, IIAT is the only voice speaking for agents at your state capital. View the key issues IIAT is tackling during the current legislative session.

Contribute to IMPACT!

Click the button below.


Questions? Contact Jill Douglas at 800.880.7428 to pay over the phone.


IMPACT is prohibited by law from accepting corporate contributions.  Investments may be made via personal or partnership check/credit card AND the following business entities may contribute via company check/credit card:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) with no corporate partner members of their LLC
  • Limited Partnerships (LP’s) or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s) with no corporate partner members of their LP or LLP
  • Partnerships with no corporate partners members of their Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorships with no corporate partner members of their Sole Proprietorship
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