Political Clout: How Main Street Agent Groups Stack Up

Political clout in Washington, D.C. is largely measured by political (PAC) fundraising, grassroots strength, and relationships with elected officials. The Big “I” has proven itself unparalleled when it comes to representing main street independent insurance agents in these areas.

Year-end financial disclosure reports have been filed with the Federal Election Commission, officially closing the 2018 fundraising year and election cycle. Last year, InsurPac not only established a new fundraising record by topping $1.13 million in receipts, but also set a new standard for the election cycle. See a contrast of main street independent agent PACs below. political muscle

The groups with the largest PACs develop and strengthen the most relationships and achieve the greatest results. Take a look at this comparison to see how much money Main Street agent PACs gave to your state Congressional delegation. Legislators are keenly aware of which groups have large PACs, because a large PAC reflects a thriving, active membership that is engaged in the policy decisions that come out of the nation’s capital.

The Big “I” uses its brand and relationships with elected officials to achieve meaningful results for independent agents. In addition to maintaining a strong daily presence on Capitol Hill, the Big “I” produces the most effective and largest federal legislative conference in the insurance industry – a key measure of grassroots strength.  The annual Big “I” Legislative Conference is widely recognized by both Capitol Hill and carrier partners as the preeminent event of its kind. It has featured keynote addresses from U.S. presidents, Senate and House majority and minority leaders, committee chairs and virtually every other elected official that is critically important to the insurance industry.

In 2018, approximately 1,000 attendees heard from both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and now House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland). Other main street agent group legislative events are a fraction of the size and don’t feature the same caliber of keynote speakers as seen in as seen in this chart.

political muscle 2

Agents are actively engaged in their communities and with their customers. Now is the time to carry that same activism and advocacy to Washington, D.C. by registering for this year’s Legislative Conference, to take place May 8-10.


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