Your Baja Bound Clients Might Need Mexico Tourist Auto


During Spring many of your clients will be traveling to Mexico for vacation. They might need to be reminded that they will need a separate Mexican Tourist Auto policy while they are there.

IIAT Advantage and International Insurance Group (IIG) offer IIAT members an instant quote, print and purchase online policy service for travel in Mexico. By providing only “A” rated Mexican underwriters, your client will not only be legal according to Mexico law, but insured by a quality financial stable trusted insurance company while traveling. Liability insurance is required, with options to additional coverage like collision and theft. Legal assistance and roadside assistance is included in ALL policies.

The IIG online system is quick and easy to use. Your client can purchase online, or with you directly. IIG provides you, the agent, a custom direct-to-client link that you are able to post on your website or social media. It is a consumer-friendly way for them to self-issue at home or after hours, while you still make commissions! And of course, if a customer wants to purchase with you, in-office or over the phone, just log in and start up a quote.

Terms available are as short as a day or as long as a year. If your client is ready to purchase, just take payment and print out their proof of insurance. Or if they prefer to wait and purchase later, you can email them the quote to finish up online at their own convenience. Quote, compare, buy online; allowing your customer get proper proof of insurance and hit the road in just minutes!

If you have issued Mexico policies with IIAT in the past, just log in, and your client’s vehicle information is saved and ready to go. Merely plug in the new travel dates and take payment. If you are unsure of your login credentials, or this is your first time, not a problem.

For more information contact Polly Middlebrook or start by filling out the Mexico Producer Application here.

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