Swiss Re Enhances Risk Management Credit Structure

About 300 days remain until the Swiss Re Corporate Solutions risk management credit change takes effect, but we wanted to remind you of what’s coming up. With so many enhancements and additional credits available, the revised structure is a win for your member policyholders and applicants.

There are two significant changes to be aware of. First, the credit will remain in the event of a policyholder claim. Second, the number of hours required for attendance has been reduced from six to three.

Other changes include:

  • Two-year attendance requirement to align with most states’ continuing education requirements
  • Simplified attendance requirement
  • Definition for “Owner/Officer/Partner”
  • Up to 10% additional credit available for:
    • Use of a coverage checklist (5% credit)
    • Voluntary website review with implemented findings (5% credit)
    • Greater than 50% staff attendance
  • 70% score or higher on a written exam in lieu of class, seminar or webinar attendance (optional)

These changes were developed under oversight of the Big “I” Professional Liability Committee, a group comprised of Big “I” members that oversees and influences the program with an eye toward agent advocacy.

Interested in learning more about the risk management credit change? Stay tuned to the State News e-newsletter. More information is forthcoming, including a comprehensive FAQ document based on questions received from program managers and education directors regarding the impending changes.

Direct any additional questions to Jim Hanley. ​

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