The Age of the Independent Learner

This Spring – the talent entering the workforce will continue to force “change” in the onboarding process. Today’s new hire brings greater technology savvy and expectations for flexibility in training. This generation is much more independent with expectations to have access to the learning and resources they need by just clicking a button.

The goal for the hiring manager is to have a training plan in place that offers a clear path along with flexibility to blend learning with real work. A few things to know:

  1. The 21st Century Classroom: The virtual classroom brings tremendous benefits for immediate enrollment and training for the new hire. There is no need to travel and be away for three weeks to learn the basics of insurance and essential business skills. This new technology addresses the learning styles of the new hire generation. It enables time to apply skills and bring learning back to the classroom throughout the duration of the curriculum.
  2. Build Accountability into a Training Plan: It’s easy to access a full onboarding curriculum within seconds for your new hire. For success, put together a plan with deliverables and request the individual’s transcript on a weekly basis. The independent learner needs a roadmap to create accountability.
  3. Business Skills are a Must: Learning a new system should be easy for the new hire.  This is a core strength. The “other stuff” like communication skills, business writing, negotiations, delivering difficult messages, etc. may not be second nature.  Some call it soft skills or business skills – they are the essential skills required to work with agency clients.  Be sure to build this into the onboarding curriculum.


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