Take Another Look: Revised Compensation Benchmarking Survey Shorter and Easier to Complete

Earlier this year, IIAT partnered with IntellAgents to launch a new Compensation Benchmarking Survey. The data collected in the survey will help IIAT agents learn how their compensation structures compare to other agencies with similar demographics.

Although IIAT frequently get requests for the information a detailed compensation survey will provide, we heard from many members that the survey was too difficult to complete and it asked for information they didn’t feel comfortable sharing.

We listened. We know that you still want the results of a comprehensive compensation benchmarking survey, so we revised the IIAT Compensation Benchmarking Survey to make it shorter and easier to complete. The new survey also does not require you to answer the more-detailed, sensitive, information. Additionally, there is a video that walks you through the survey to explain each question. Learn more.

risexpo-rgb_arrow.tmb-thumbnailWe hope you’ll join us on this journey!

Click Here to Take the Survey

We hope you’ll participate in the compensation study. The information you provide is confidential and the results will be reported in aggregate to maintain anonymity.

We need at least 400 agencies to participate for the results to be meaningful.

If you already completed the previous version of the survey, there is no need to complete the new one. Your information will still be used.

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