Remembering Regina

As many of you know by now, IIAT lost its dear friend and colleague Regina Anderson, who passed peacefully at her home in Kyle on Thursday, April 25, 2019. For more than 30 years, Regina was the association’s resident expert on insurance technical and regulatory issues. Throughout the years, IIAT staff and countless agents have called on Regina for her vast knowledge of the industry.

In 2013, IIAT started promoting the Ask Regina brand as a service to members who staff-page_circle-icons_reginaneeded answers to technical and regulatory insurance questions. If you had a tough question, you could contact Regina to get the answer.

At first, many members didn’t realize that Regina, the red-headed woman depicted in the brand, was a real person. Imagine their surprise when they got a call, usually in a matter of minutes, from the woman herself, with the answers they needed.

“I remember some years ago learning that ‘Ask Regina’ actually connected you to an extremely knowledgeable, level-headed, down-to-earth, REAL LIVE HUMAN! I was glad to know she was available if and when needed… Regina left some very large shoes to fill. Her presence will definitely be missed,” said IIAT member Kelly Smith Shadix in Corrigan, TX.

Eventually, Regina started writing in Texas Agent about the more common questions she received. The Ask Regina Q&A articles are far-and-away the most read articles in the e-newsletter – a fact that delighted Regina to no end.

Regina was an encyclopedia of insurance knowledge and she has left an indelible mark at IIAT. “Regina’s straight-forward, no-nonsense approach was her unique and authentic signature style,” said Donna Biles, IIAT Advantage Markets and Members Services Ambassador. “In my travels throughout the state, agency principals and agency staff consistently sing her praises. It’s not a surprise she has the respect of independent agents state-wide.”

Regina will be dearly missed, but her memory will live on at IIAT and with the countless members she helped. As a small way to honor her legacy, the Ask Regina brand will live on too.

So, if you don’t have the answer to a tough technical or regulatory question – go ahead and Ask Regina. It might not be exactly the same when an IIAT insurance expert like Jim Gavin calls you back, but you’ll probably get the answer you need, and maybe a joke to lighten your day.


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