Ask Regina

Q. My customer owns acreage that is leased to another party for cattle grazing. There are no man-made structures on the property. Is this covered by the homeowners policy?

A. The definition of an “insured location” includes “vacant land other than farmland” so the homeowners policy would not extend coverage to that location. The absence of man-made structures doesn’t mean the land is vacant. One court determined that “vacant” requires the property be unoccupied, unused and “in its natural state.” By that standard, even fencing would mean that a property Is no longer vacant.

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Ask Regina.

reginaIIAT is continuing the Ask Regina brand as a small way to honor the late Regina Anderson’s legacy as IIAT’s go-to guru for answering all insurance technical and regulatory questions.

So, if you don’t have the answer to a tough technical or regulatory question – go ahead and Ask Regina. It might not be exactly the same when an IIAT insurance expert like Jim Gavin calls you back, but you’ll probably get the answer you need, and maybe a joke to lighten your day.

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