IIAT Custom Training Brings Knowledgeable Instructors and CE Classes to Your Staff


Did you know IIAT’s extensive line of courses is available to your staff — on your terms, in a location you choose? IIAT’s custom training options are convenient and cost-effective. You choose the courses, select a date and location and IIAT does the rest.

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Benefits of IIAT Custom Training

IIAT instructors are all professional trainers with years of insurance experience. They understand your problems and can provide specific answers in a confidential manner. With thousands of hours of training experience, these instructors know how other organizations operate and can help you compare procedures and policies. 

Customized instruction
The presentation is tailored to meet your individual needs. An instructor will contact you prior to the program to determine the experience of your staff and the procedures or information most critical to your operations. Course selections also allow you to choose the classes your staff needs, when they need them.

Your staff can discuss problems and procedures openly, away from your competition.

CE credits
Most of IIAT’s courses qualify for CE hours required by TDI for your license renewal. Licensees in your office can earn their required hours at the same time. Each course description lists the number of approved hours.

You save the time, travel and lodging costs for your staff while all your staff gets the advantage of important and accurate information. IIAT charges a fee per day with a discount for multiple days.

Team building
Your staff will draw closer together through personalized training classes that build their confidence and team spirit.

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