Big ‘I’ Virtual University Reminds Agents About ISO’s PAP Changes

The Big “I” Virtual University (VU) would like to remind members to review ISO’s personal auto policy changes. Effective Sept. 1, 2018, these changes—applicable in all states except Hawaii and North Carolina—have been adopted by most carriers and are critical for personal lines agents to understand.

To get up agents up to speed, the VU offers a variety of tools.

First, in May 2018, Chris Boggs, Big “I” Virtual University executive director, penned “A Brief Synopsis of ISO’s Coming Changes to the PAP,” which was recently updated. Second, the VU recorded a webinar detailing the nine changes that were made to the PAP form and the 21 endorsements that were either revised, removed or created. This webinar is available on-demand and accessible on any tablet or laptop with internet access.

Lastly, agents can purchase a Risk & Reality Report on the topic, which is a white paper based on the on-demand webinar. As a bonus, if you purchase the on-demand webinar, you will receive the Risk & Reality Report for free.

Risk & Reality Reports are white papers adapted from various VU workshops, webinars and articles. Check out a complete list of the VU’s Risk & Reality Reports online.

Still have questions about ISO’s PAP changes?regina
Ask Regina 

IIAT’s insurance coverage experts are on-hand to assist. 

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