ELITExas to Spread the Word about Insurance Careers at International Insurance Fraternity Conference

ELITExas is excited to take part in the Gamma Iota Sigma 48th Annual International Conference, Sept. 26-28 in Dallas. Gamma Iota Sigma is a collegiate talent pipeline for the insurance industry. The organization’s membership consists of 5,000 students who are interested in pursuing insurance careers from more than 85 campuses across the country.

IIAT’s Jill Douglas will be attending the conference with ELITExas members Casey Nelson, Agency Principal at Integrity Personal Insurance; Laura Farmer, Business Development Specialist at Service Lloyds; and Taylor Jones, a college recruiting manager with Questpro, ELITExas’ recruiting partner. The group looks forward to meeting with students and promoting the benefits of pursuing a job in the independent insurance industry.

Gamma Iota Sigma is expecting more than  650 students to attend the annual event. “We’ll have amazing diversity for companies to tap into… and the best part is that the students are already interested in all facets of insurance,” said President of the Board of Gamma Iota Sigma Wesley Griffiths.

“The GIS International Conference is like a time machine, providing ELITExas an opportunity to engage with the future leaders of the insurance industry before they even graduate,” said Casey Nelson. “Since ELITExas’ goals are centered around young professionals with the potential to grow into leadership positions in the insurance industry, this event is a perfect fit.”

Learn more about ELITExas the Gamma Iota Sigma 48th Annual International Conference.

Need help hiring new talent?


IIAT has partnered with insurance recruiting specialist Questpro to help IIAT members hire, train and retain the next generation of insurance professionals.

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IIAT members get an exclusive 5% discount on Questpro’s staffing services and a portion of the fee will go to support ELITExas, IIAT’s young professionals group.
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