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Learn the ABCs of Trusted Choice®

As the consumer brand for independent insurance agents and brokers, Trusted Choice® not only shares the value of independent agents with consumers, but also gives agents a competitive advantage by applying the ABCs of Trusted Choice. Trusted Choice offers a complete … Continue reading

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Common Behaviors of a Successful Commercial Insurance Producer

The following post was written by guest author Jerry Lujan, a former independent insurance agent and founder of Elevation 180. If you like what you read, be sure to see Jerry at the Joe Vincent Management Seminar for his session “Sales … Continue reading

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IIAT Matchmaker: A Free M&A Service for IIAT Members

Agency buyers continue to outnumber sellers, which is good news for any IIAT members looking to sell. IIAT Matchmaker is a free service for IIAT members who want to source suitors without prematurely alerting employees, customers or carriers. Here is a … Continue reading

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From Charismatic Persuader to Knowledge Broker: The Evolving World of Sales

Today’s successful sales professional can no longer expect to show up, fill the room with personality, and win based on a persuasive presentation of features and benefits. The accelerated rate of change in the sales environment is evident in both … Continue reading

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Big ‘I’ Chairman Highlights Big ‘I’ Markets Access

Spencer Houldin, Big “I” chairman, appeared in Insurance Journal this week in the article, “As Agents’ Needs Change and Startups Emerge, Big ‘I’ Looks to Remain Relevant.” In the interview, Houldin discusses where the industry is headed and the role … Continue reading

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Bringing Nonsubscribers into the Texas Workers’ Compensation System with Captive Insurance

By S. Lance McNeel, CPCU, ARM Capstone Associated Services, Ltd. What is the Texas Nonsubscriber Option? There has been much discussion in recent times on the topic of workers’ compensation opt-out statutes making their way through state legislatures. Our good … Continue reading

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In Selling, Seek First to Understand

This most important commandment of good salesmanship often goes unheeded. A common sales sin of an inexperienced salesperson is to immediately begin rattling off “unique” features of his or her products and services. Unfortunately, what’s considered unique is usually standard … Continue reading

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The Advantages of a Team-Selling Approach: If It’s Good Enough for Hyenas…

  What do hyenas, lions, wolves and coyotes have in common? All of these successful predators, when hunting large prey, hunt in teams. Are you missing out on the benefit of team selling? Selling to larger, more complex accounts often … Continue reading

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The Less Obvious Benefits of a Advantage Subscription: Carrier Voice just finished 2016 with 4.2 million visitors to the website, and 101,000 referrals to members of the Big “I” nationwide. Increased traffic and referrals are the most visible benefits that accrue to Big “I” members, but there are other benefits … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss Out on Sales Opportunities: Ensure Your Agency’s Contact Data is Correct

One of the most valuable resources your agency owns is customer data. When you want to reach out to your customers and prospects, it is critical to have current contact data. IIAT and the Big “I” have the same needs, … Continue reading

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