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Why Hiring Older Workers is Good for Your Business

“In coming decades, many forces will shape our economy and our society, but in all likelihood, no single factor will have as pervasive an effect as the aging of our population.” – Ben Bernanke When it comes to retirement, a … Continue reading

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4 Easy Steps to Creating the Company Culture Your Employees Crave

When your employees arrive at work, what is it you want them to feel and think about your company? Maybe you’ve never thought about it before. But, how they “feel” is a reflection on you and the company culture you’ve … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why Smart Execs Use Recruiters

In literal terms “to recruit” means “to raise or strengthen.”  Professional Recruiters strengthen the organization by raising the talent bar while saving valuable Employee Resources. It’s a widely known tactical practice that top executives use Third Party Search Consultants i.e. … Continue reading

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Hiring? Take Advantage of IIAT’s Job Board 2016 Summer Special

Get a 25% discount on job postings –  Ends September 21! Summer is a good time to hire as job seekers look to make changes and get settled before kids are back to school. For a limited time during the … Continue reading

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Develop a Fully-Defined Candidate Profile to Find Top Performers

The lack of a fully-defined profile of the ideal candidate is the most common cause of a bad hire. Before hiring, whether you are filling a producer, CSR or support position, it will improve your effectiveness immensely if you create … Continue reading

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Got Talent? How To Attract and Train Millennials

Hiring season is upon us, and now is the time to recruit new talent if you’re considering adding more employees to your agency. Recent college graduates will be on the look-out for jobs that are exciting and rewarding – and … Continue reading

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