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Trusted Choice® Seeks Feedback on Member Resources

Trusted Choice is seeking feedback on its existing member resources and is encouraging members to share their marketing challenges. Trusted Choice already offers a suite of digital marketing tools, including training modules and ready-to-use social media content, but they want … Continue reading

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Express Yourself: The Human Way to Market Your Agency

In 2015, Renado Robinson quit his job with Travelers to start his own independent agency in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Robinson had started his Travelers career in 1997 as the mailman. When he went off on his own, he didn’t … Continue reading

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Original Content Rules on Social Media

Social media can increase sales. It can also aid in positioning a personal brand or company brand. Many of us who see the value in social media spend a great deal of time browsing the internet looking for content to … Continue reading

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What’s In a Website? How Does Your’s Stack Up?

How does your website rank as far as attractiveness and user experience? Is it easy to navigate? Are visitors able to quickly find what they want? Research shows people judge how a website looks in a fraction of a second. … Continue reading

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Experts Suggest Reviewing Website Language with E&O in Mind

You’ve got a super website with all the right marketing phrases, but is the language E&O safe? Experts say it may be worth looking at again, this time with E&O in mind. A website is not just a marketing tool. … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Advertising? Should I Pay?

Ten years ago if you asked, I’d tell you social media makes sense for product and service promotion. After all, skepticism greets advertisements. Brands benefit from peer recommendations. A friend’s suggestion is much more convincing than an ad. For these … Continue reading

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Have You Given Thought to Your Personal Brand?

What is the Benefit of Personal Branding? If you’re in business you probably have given some thought to your brand. More and more, a business brand isn’t enough. Today people in business are giving increasing attention to their personal brand. … Continue reading

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